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Does Your Troubled Teen Trust You?

A Deeper Look at Trust and Respect. Do you trust your troubled teen? Usually, no. Does she trust you? Probably… Continue reading »

Respect for Myself and my Teen

A Deeper Look at Parenting… Let’s talk about respect. None of my teen clients ever doubted that their parents loved… Continue reading »

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

As you will see in the short anecdote, anyone’s behavior can look positive at first glance but when you examine… Continue reading »

Too Many High Self Expectations

A shocked Ethan arrived at my office the day after he’d had a visit to the emergency room of a… Continue reading »

Beware of Getting “Set Up” In Your Relationship

          Frank and Georgia are both in their mid-fifties and have been married thirty years. They have four grown children…. Continue reading »

Parents: Kids Decide

These days all of us parents are bombarded with media of all kinds about how important it is for our… Continue reading »

I Shouldn’t Disappoint Others, Especially Those I Love.

    Throughout her second marriage, Kathryn, an exaggerated Pleaser, not only shopped for, but also paid for, all of the… Continue reading »

Respectful Talk, Negotiation and Compromise

Hi All, I have a new article up today, taking a Deeper Look at respectful relationship talk.  Did you know… Continue reading »

Whoever Said I Don’t Have To Do It Because I Don’t Want To?

Hello Readers – I have a new article up, taking A Deeper Look at the Comfort Personality, and the propensity… Continue reading »

Are You a “Head” or a “Feeling” Person? And Why Does It Matter?

Hello Readers – I have a new article up, taking A Deeper Look at Personality Concepts, particularly the differences between… Continue reading »