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A Mother’s Manipulation of a Grown Daughter

A Deeper Look at Relationships — Defenses (Not Listening and Others). I’ve been talking with Rachel, who is now 21,… Continue reading »

Good Relationship Skills Encourage Intimacy

A Deeper Look at Relationship Skills.   I call each of these items below “skills” because in order to become… Continue reading »

Pay Attention to Your Feelings – They’re Your Friends

A Deeper Look at Your Feelings. It’s amazing. Here’s the bottom line about feelings.  Our feelings are always, always operating… Continue reading »

Love and Respect in Relationships

In each of the following examples one of the partners isn’t listening well, isn’t trying to understand and certainly is… Continue reading »

Soothing Gratefulness

Sometimes when I’m really tired or I realize I won’t get everything on my perpetual to-do list done, I hear… Continue reading »

Participation in a Relationship is a Must

A Deeper Look at The Passive/Active Concept in Relationships. Waiting isn’t Participating   Yesterday I talked with Frank and Nicole… Continue reading »

Getting to Know You: A Necessary Requirement

A Deeper Look at Personality.   I’ve known Tony for quite a while.  He’s going through a rough time now,… Continue reading »

A Missing Personality Trait

A Deeper Look at Personality Traits In a Relationship   When Ashley came to talk last night, I expected Mike… Continue reading »

Crazy Drivers Make Me Mad

A Deeper Look at the Control Personality.  Sam and I were having a conversation about why he’s depressed.  I said that… Continue reading »

Whoever Said I Don’t Have To Do It Because I Don’t Want To?

Hello Readers – I have a new article up, taking A Deeper Look at the Comfort Personality, and the propensity… Continue reading »