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Does Your Troubled Teen Trust You?

A Deeper Look at Trust and Respect. Do you trust your troubled teen? Usually, no. Does she trust you? Probably… Continue reading »

Respect for Myself and my Teen

A Deeper Look at Parenting… Let’s talk about respect. None of my teen clients ever doubted that their parents loved… Continue reading »

Parents: Kids Decide

These days all of us parents are bombarded with media of all kinds about how important it is for our… Continue reading »

Why Does Your Child “Act Out?”

A Deeper Look at Parenting.   Understanding Your Resistant Child   If you have a child that’s defensive, you already… Continue reading »

A Mother’s Manipulation of a Grown Daughter

A Deeper Look at Relationships — Defenses (Not Listening and Others). I’ve been talking with Rachel, who is now 21,… Continue reading »

Talking With Your Kids

A Deeper Look at Positive Parenting.   Sometimes, especially if our child/teen is doing well, we parents tend to forget about… Continue reading »

What Happened To Tiger Woods?

A Deeper Look at the Exaggerated Superiority Personality and Awareness of Self.   Good ole’ USA Today; they even make the sports… Continue reading »

10 Ways to Build a Great Relationship with Your Child

A Deeper Look at How Parents Show Encouragement.   The following statements are brief.  But, they’re huge in meaning.  If you’ll… Continue reading »

How a Parent’s Personality Affects Parenting

Hello Readers – I have a new article up, taking a deeper look at Personality Styles in Parenting.  It concerns… Continue reading »

A Deeper Look at Mariska Hargitay’s Five Life Principles

The Magazine was Published in the Fall of 2010.  I Reviewed the Article in the Fall of 2010.   My “Good… Continue reading »