Communication – Feeling Words

This sheet holds two lists of “feeling” words.  And, I’m also including definitions of the words:  (1) thought, and (2) feeling. 

Often, when I ask people what they’re feeling, they will give me a thought instead of a feeling word.  I always point out to them that they’re giving me a “thought statement.”  They right away realize it.  And so, we try again. 

Again, they offer a thought but a more complete one or descriptive one:  usually the sentences start with “I feel that . . . . . “  I point out that any sentence that starts with “I feel that . . .” probably isn’t going to give us a feeling. 

A “feeling” sentence will sound like:  “I feel bad;” or “I feel angry;” or “I feel dismissed;” or “I feel guilty;” or” I feel embarrassed, or disappointed or overwhelmed or excited or glad.”  I know that you get the idea.

So, here are the definitions and the lists.  They’re incomplete, of course, but they’re plenty long enough for our work here.  I hope you find everything here helpful.  And, if there’s anything else you need in the “feeling word” category, please let me know.

Definition of a thought: It is an opinion, a viewpoint, a belief, an idea.  It is a product of the act of thinking.

Definition of a feeling: It is an emotional sensation which can be felt physically; a physical awareness, a distinct mood, an emotional sensitiveness.


 Positive Feeling Words

Accepted Capable Encouraged Glad
Adequate Cheerful Energetic Good
Appreciated Comfortable Enjoy Grateful
Better Confident Excited Great
Calm Eager Free Happy
Joyful Pleased Proud Relieved
Loving Pretty Relaxed Respected

Negative Feeling Words

Abandoned Defeated Frightened Nervous Unhappy
Attacked Despair Frustrated Outraged Unloved
Alone Disappointment Guilty Overwhelmed Vengeful
Angry Discouraged Heavy Persecuted Worried
Annoyed Dismissed Helpless Pressured Worthless
Anxious Distraught Hurt Put Down
Bad Disturbed Ignored Rejected
Bored Disrespected Inadequate Remorseful
Challenged Exasperated Incapable Sad
Cheated Empty Intimidated Stupid
Competitive Embarassed Jealous Suspicious
Confused Foolish Left Out Tired
Controlled Frantic Miserable Troubled

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